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How to identify your dongle?

If you experience problems with dongle or want to emulate the key, the first step should be dongle brand identification. We will give you some advices how to find out which key do you use

Visual identification

Usually dongle brand is written on the case, if you see label "HASP" or "HASP HL", it means dongle is HASP by Aladdin Knowledge Systems, if dongle is black with a piece of transparent plastic in the middle of the case, it must be HardLock by Aladdin Knowledge systems, if it is white LPT dongle, most likeley is it Sentinel SuperPro by Rainbows Technologies, if it is purple USB dongle, it must be Sentinel UltraPro by Rainbow Technologies.

Driver identification

If your software installation includes dongle driver you can understand which dongle does your software utilize. There are many versions of drivers so if you see the part of follwoign phrases you can identify dongle manufactured.

Identification by software

You can use database to get information which dongle does your software use. Please click the link to search for your software in dongle protected software database.

Identification by picture

You can send us pictures of your key so we can suggest its brand. You can send it by e-mail to or through the ticket system.

Sentinel emulator

Safe-Net ( Rainbow ) Sentinel SuperPro and UltraPro dongle emulator. 100% rellable solution

HASP emulator

HASP HL and HASP 4 dongle emulator. Constantly improving most reliable code tested by thousands customers.


Very fast service, glad to get rid of that bit of plastic hanging off the printer perfectly!
Peter from Cyprus